Hello ! My name is Sonal KUMAR, also known as the Yayavar, author of this blog. Currently working as a full time engineer for an energy firm, my job allows me to work in several languages : French, English and Spanish.
I have been very fond of travelling from a very young age. But I definitely caught the travel bug during my studies when I travelled to Taipei for 6 months. This is where it all began.
As soon as I started working, I would always use my vacation to discover new places.
Number of countries visited : 15
Age : 30
Nationality : French
Languages spoken : French - English – Hindi – Spanish
Interests :
- Travel
- Photography
- Art and history
- Culture
- Food
- Cooking
Social Media :
- Instagram : www.instagram.com/theyayavarblog/
- Twitter : https://twitter.com/theyayavarblog
- Facebook : www.facebook.com/The-Yayavar-Blog-103762567667946