Black is beautiful - Faith Ringgold exhibition in Paris

Black is beautiful - Faith Ringgold exhibition in Paris

An exciting art exhibition featuring works by renowned artist Faith Ringgold is currently taking place in Paris, at the Picasso museum. The exhibition, entitled “The Art of Faith Ringgold: Black is beautiful,” showcases more than sixty works of art that span Ringgold’s career, from her early quilt paintings of the 1960s to her more recent abstract paintings.

Tar Beach #2 

The exhibition, which opened on April 2, 2021, is the first retrospective of Ringgold’s work to be held in Europe. It features works from Ringgold’s most iconic series, such as “The French Collection,” “Tar Beach,” and “American People.” Additionally, the exhibition includes never-before-seen works from Ringgold’s personal archives, as well as recently completed paintings.

About Faith Ringgold :

Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold is an American artist, best known for her narrative quilts that combine painting, quilting, and storytelling. She has been creating art since the 1960s and has had works exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. Ringgold is also an author, illustrator, sculptor, and performance artist, and her work is deeply influenced by her experience as an African American woman. Her work is often concerned with themes such as civil rights, racism, and feminism, and she is credited with helping to create a new genre of art in the process.

Through her art and stories, she took a great part in the fight for freedom for black people in the USA.

About the exhibition :

U.S. Postage Stamp Commemorating the Advent of Black Power (1967)

These works, which will be on display until June 27, provide insight into Ringgold’s long and varied artistic career. From her early works exploring her African American heritage and identity to her more recent abstract expressionist paintings, Ringgold’s work is a powerful reminder of the importance of art in grappling with social and political issues.

The Flag is Bleeding #2 (1967)

During these events, Ringgold will discuss the history of her work and its significance, as well as the creative process behind her art. This exhibition is an incredible opportunity to explore the work of one of the most influential African American artists of our time. Don’t miss this chance to experience the art of Faith Ringgold in Paris.

THE SUNFLOWER QUILTING BEE AT ARLES (1997) - From the French Collection

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