How to make an itinerary for your trip?

How to make an itinerary for your trip?

You have finally found your destination and wish to see all it has to offer? Making a trip itinerary is a useful tool that can help you and cover most of the places you want to see.

Traveling with a paper map is so passé that it is now high time to optimize and travel more smartly.

List the things to see

When you have decided about your destination, you can start listing the things you wish to see. This will give you an idea of what kind of places there are and foremost if it is worth your time. Because we all know how much time management is important while traveling.

You can have a look at traveling websites such as “Tripadvisor” or “Yelp” to find the attractions you wish to see. This will help you to anticipate the timings, the large crowds, the fees’ etc…

Map out the things to see

Once you have listed all the attractions and locations you wish to see, start locating them on Google Maps and tag them as a “Want to go” place. This will allow the itinerary making easier and save plenty of time. Google Maps will also help you making the itinerary between all the places with the means of transport you will be selecting.

Once you have visited the place, you can remove the tag of the location on your map or even replace it with a “heart” or a “star” available on Google Maps.

Google Maps is a great tool for :

  • Tagging the places you want to see
  • Make an itinerary with the different locations
  • Covering most of the places in less time

Using local public transport

Most of the public transport companies have specific plans for travelers and tourists. Some plans may even give you discounts over entrance fees of local attractions. I usually prefer taking day passes that are used by the locals. I find them more reliable and you end up paying less.

Nowadays, it can be difficult to use public transport but with the right precautions there will be no issues. Sometimes, local public transport can be confusing. Which direction to take, when to get on and get off or even choose the right line.

In those situations of confusion, navigating apps can be a life saver. To list a few :

  • Google Maps
  • Citymapper
  • Bing maps

Citymapper is by far my favorite app to navigate when traveling to different cities. Citymapper is a traveling app with fascinating features, time saving algorithms and live feed about any disruption of traffic. It is available in almost every big city (Paris, London, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney…). This app has helped me a lot in my travelings, especially in Amsterdam where trams can get confusing.