The Art of Turkish Coffee in Istanbul

The Art of Turkish Coffee in Istanbul

The art of Turkish coffee is deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of Istanbul, Turkey.

From the early days of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul has been the epicenter of Turkish coffee culture and the city is still renowned for its strong, delicious brews. Turkish coffee is a unique form of coffee preparation that requires finely ground coffee beans, hot water, and a special copper pot called a cezve.

The drink is prepared by boiling the water and then stirring in the ground coffee until a thick foam forms on the surface. The coffee is then served in small cups and accompanied by a glass of water.Turkish coffee is often enjoyed with a small piece of Turkish delight or other traditional sweet such as baklava.

The drink is also often served with a glass of cold water to help break up the thick, syrupy foam that forms on top. Turkish coffee is not just a drink but also a form of social interaction and a time for friends and family to come together and share stories.

The art of Turkish coffee is an integral part of Istanbul’s culture and history, and the city’s cafés and restaurants are a testament to its enduring popularity.