Why free walking tours can add value to your travels?

Why free walking tours can add value to your travels?

There are many ways to discover new places. We start by mapping out the area and make some to-do list on what we want to see. My travel habits were quite the same, marking the places to visit and looking for the best places to eat.

Visiting the places on your own is a good thing, but just think how it could be if a local was giving you a tour? It would enhance your trip, getting knowledge which can’t found in a guidebook.

This concept of “Free Walking Tours” has gained popularity over the year. A free walking tour consists in joining a local guy/girl and going on a walk with a group of people. The walking tours last 1.5 to 2 hours average and the guide takes you to different places with comments and facts about the locations.

It is an unconventional way of doing sightseeing with a person who knows all about the city. On the way, you will get information about the local culture, good places to eat and tips about the city.

The other important thing about the tour is the fee. Being a free walking tour, it is based on tipping. You pay the amount you think this tour was worth.

Free walking tours are a great idea for people with a little budget, as it allows culture to be more accessible.

How does it work?

You do your booking online of the tour’s website and they will give the meeting point. Moreover, they will tell you how to spot the free walking tour (green umbrella, yellow sign…).

At the end of the tour, you pay what you feel like.

Some free walking tours around the world which I recommend :

- Free walking tour Prague - https://freewalkingtourprague.eu/en

- Free walking tour Milan - https://www.freetour.com/milan/free-walking-tour-in-milan

- Free walking tour Sydney - https://www.imfree.com.au/sydney/